Gulf of Mexico, Veracruz


All tours are operated independently of IBRC/NASBR, and organized by generous volunteers. As with all travel, we strongly encourage participants to secure appropriate travel insurance including trip cancellation and travel health insurance.

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Dates:  August 13th (arriving) to 18th (departing).

Travel: Pick-up and drop-off at International Veracruz Airport

Cost: $1300 (flights not included)
Minimum: 10 people  Maximum: 16 people

Transportation: to all sites, from and to the International Veracruz Airport at selected hours.
Accommodation: Five nights in a hotel (double) with view to the beach, and at walking distance to convenience stores, bus stops, with malls in the vicinity. Entrance to attractions and tours.
Meals: All included at the Hotel (breakfasts) and local restaurants (except at El Tajín). Snacks and beverages would be available throughout the tour.
Note: It is a guided tour, and the organizers would be available during the whole tour to aid. Most places/sites have bilingual guides available. A basic First-Aid kit and traveler`s insurance included. It is a custom practice in Mexico to tip your guides after the tour, or waiters at restaurants.

General description:
Come and swim at the Gulf of Mexico, seeing tropical fishes and coral reefs, take a tour to one of the most important archeological sites in Mexico, visit the first European settlement in continental America, one of the main ports in the world, and meet some Mexican bat species. This tour would take you to traditional places to meet in Veracruz, a Cosmopolitan state in which, in short distances, you would experience montane cloud forests, tropical forests, and beach dunes. It also harbors a big diversity of bat species.

General Recommendations:
People taking this tour should be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and follow the local regulations and social protocols for protection against Covid-19 (including wearing face masks). Everyone meant to interact with bats and other fauna needs to be vaccinated against rabies, and would fulfil a release of liability form upon arrival. Attendees would need to bring their equipment (headlamps, protective gloves, insect repellent, boots, and comfortable clothes). Also, a swimming suit, and a jacket. Medical insurance is advised, and any special needs (such as allergies) should be informed at arrival. Special medication is the full responsibility of the tourist.

Day 1: August 13th
Arriving attendees will wait for transportation at the International Veracruz Airport “General Heriberto Jara” (Veracruz City, Veracruz) at 17:00 h, and will be transported to the hotel. Later that night, they will attend a city tour through the downtown area and pier of Veracruz City, before taking dinner in a restaurant nearby.

Day 2: August 14th
Bat mist-netting night*
After taking breakfast in the hotel, we will depart to the City of Coatepec, located nearby the capital of Veracruz state, and famous for its Shaded-Coffee plantations. A tour and a visit to the Coffee Museum will follow. Some free time to see around this “Pueblo Mágico”, before taking a meal at a restaurant. Later, we will watch the emergence of bats from a cave, inhabited by insectivorous bats (Mormoopidae and Natalidae), and capture some of them, before coming back to Veracruz to sleep at the hotel.

Day 3: August 15th
Bat mist-netting night*
After breakfast, we will visit the remnants of the walled city of Veracruz, including the San Juan de Ulúa fort, from the time of which the port was assaulted constantly by pirates. Later on, we will visit La Antigua, the first formal settlement of Spanish conquerors in Mexico, and the house of Hernán Cortés. After our meal, we will visit one of the famous beaches in the state, La Mancha, where different coastal ecosystems can be found, and we will set some mist-nets at dusk to catch some bats in the area. We will return to the hotel at Veracruz City to rest.

Day 4: August 16th
Bat mist-netting night*
One of the most important archeological sites, and the most famous in the Gulf of Mexico, El Tajín, will be our destination. Attendees will cover the history of Totonaca culture in the area, and shop some handcrafts. Later on, we will take a look at Cempoala, an archeological site nearby Veracruz city, where you will take dinner nearby the pyramids, just after setting the mist-nets for a brief bat-night in the vicinity. Later on, we will spend the night at the hotel in Veracruz.

Day 5: August 17th
Veracruz harbors the Northern-most coral reef in America, and we will spend most of the day there, visiting the islands nearby the port of Veracruz, seeing fishes, and enjoying some beach-time. After returning to the port, you can explore the rest of the city, before attending a Dinner with typical cuisine, and folkloric music.

Day 6: August 18th
Take breakfast at the hotel, and our transport will be available to all attendees at 09:00 h, to return to the International Airport.

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