Yucatán and Campeche, Mexico


All tours are operated independently of IBRC/NASBR, and organized by generous volunteers. As with all travel, we strongly encourage participants to secure appropriate travel insurance including trip cancellation and travel health insurance.

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Dates: Saturday August 13 to Thursday August 18

Travel: Pick-up and drop-off at Mérida International Airport

Cost: $1200 (flights not included)
Minimum: 10 people  Maximum: 17 people.

Transportation: to all sites, and from Mérida International Airport to hotel and from the hotel to Airport.
Accommodations: Five nights in a hotel (double) at Courtyard by Marriot hotel. Entrance to all attractions mentioned in the program.
Meals: All included at the Hotel (breakfasts) and local restaurants. Box lunch (around 5-6 pm), snacks and beverages will be available throughout the tour.
Note: It is a guided tour, and the organizers will be available during the whole tour to aid. Most places/sites have bilingual guides available. It is a custom practice to tip your guides after the tour. A basic First-Aid kit and traveler`s insurance included.

Enjoy this combined tour, during the day you will be amazed with the archeological sites and other attractions of the Maya culture, and during the night you will be fascinated with the species of bats that occur in the Yucatan Peninsula. Also, marvel at the extensive gastronomic variety that you will enjoy in this region. We will visit Uxmal, Celestún Biosphere Reserve and Campeche city.  We will see the emergence of bats at Calcehtok and the emergence of Nyctinomops laticaudatus from Mayan ruins and catch the amazing fishing bat in a peten, a freshwater pond near the coast. Do not miss this magnificent opportunity to get to know the Mayan culture and be captivated by the bat species that we have in Mexico.

General Recommendations:
People taking this tour should be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and follow the local regulations and social protocols for protection against Covid-19 (including wearing face masks). Everyone meant to interact with bats and other fauna needs to be vaccinated against rabies. Attendees will need to bring their equipment (headlamps, protective gloves, insect repellent, sunscreen, boots, and comfortable clothes). Also, a swimming suit, and a jacket. International medical insurance is advised, and any special needs (such as allergies or dietary restrictions) should be informed prior arrival. Special medication is the full responsibility of the tourist.

Day 1: Saturday August 13th, 2022
13:14-19:30 Airport pick up and accommodation in hotel (Courtyard by Marriot hotel)

Suggested flights (not included)  August 13th, 2022
-United Airlines: departure from Austin, TX: 2:15 p.m. - Arrival to Mérida, Yuc., MX: 7:12 p.m.
-American Airlines: departure from Austin, TX: 06:00 - Arrival to Mérida, Yuc., MX: 13:14 hrs

Day 2: Sunday August 14th, 2022
After taking breakfast in the hotel, we will depart Mérida to visit Lol-tun Maya cave and have a tour inside the cave. Afterward, we will move to Uxmal and have lunch near the ruins. We will visit the ruins and the Chocolate Museum. We will return to Uxmal Maya ruins to enjoy the emergence of the colony of Nyctinomops laticaudatus that roost inside a Maya building. We will finish the night with the night lights show at Uxmal, before returning to Mérida city to rest at the hotel.

Day 3: Monday August 15th, 2022
After taking breakfast in the hotel, we will travel to Celestún Biosphere Reserve and take a boat trip to watch the flamingos and visit the mangroves and a water spring. After, we will have some time to swim in the sea and have lunch by the beach. We will leave Celestún to briefly visit an abandoned henequen (sisal) hacienda. Our last stop is Calcehtok cave, an impressive cave system where we will watch the emergence of bats including some species such as Nyctinomops laticaudatus, Pteronotus mesoamericanus, Pteronotus fulvus, Mormoops megalophylla. After this activity, we will return to the hotel to rest.

Day 4: Tuesday August 16th, 2022
After taking breakfast in the hotel, we will start our trip to the city of Campeche. We will have a tour of the city and will visit the Museum Fuerte de San Miguel, which exhibits pieces from different Campeche Mayan cities, highlighting those of Calakmul. We will have lunch by the sea and visit a local hand-craft shop. After, we will visit Ich Ha Lool Xan peten (pond) and have some time there to swim and kayak. This site is amazing for bird watching and has some trails that you can visit before setting the mist nets for bats. This is a highly diverse habitat where we can potentially catch nearly 10 bat species including the fishing bat Noctilio leporinus. We will then return to Mérida city to rest at the hotel.

Day 5: Wednesday August 17th, 2022
This is a free day to explore the city of Mérida or to take optional day trips. Some attractions in Mérida are Mérida Cathedral, Archeology and History Museum at Paseo de Montejo, Montejo Avenue, Mayan World Museum, The Governor's Palace and Museo Fernando García Ponce and Parque Cepeda Peraza and the Church of Jesús, among others. Some of these attractions might have entrance costs not included in the tour. You can also take day trips (not included in the price tour) to Chichen Itzá archeological site, one the new wonders of the world. Or you can also take a day tour to visit some cenotes (water sinkholes), or visit the yellow city of Izamal, or also visit the city of Valladolid. At night, we will have a closing dinner at hotel with folkloric dances (included in the price).

Day 6: Thursday  August 18th, 2022
Take breakfast at the hotel, and our transport will be available to all attendees, to return to the International Airport of Mérida.

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